Blocked sink Beckenham- Key diagnostic procedures before repairing a blocked sink

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March 17, 2016
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April 28, 2016

There are some critical steps to perform before conducting a repair on a blocked sink, and some of the most critical of these are:

Check the overall building plumbing features and current state
Check the history of a slow drain issue
Perform preliminary un-blocking techniques
Check the drainage vent system
Check if the DWV piping structure has not been blocked

Checking the overall plumbing features of the building should be your utmost priority when fixing a blocked sink problem. It is easier to unblock a blocked sink, but when the overall plumbing network is faulty, then the blocked sink problem may re-occur. While the plumbing features in the lower floor may appear to work properly, the plumbing system in the upper floor may not, and to ensure that clogged sinks do not become a reoccurring issue, you need to ensure that both the upper and lower floor plumbing systems are working perfectly.

Checking the draining vent system is another step you must take when trying to resolve a blocked sink issue. If a gurgling sound is produced, then it means the drainage system is slow, and that means the vent system is not properly installed or it is incomplete. Many things can cause a partial blockage of the vent system, for instance, snow buildup especially above the roof extension system can cause a problem. Blocked vents can cause slow draining, and you can also notice this problem by some offensive sewage odour.

The building’s DWV piping structure might have been blocked, causing a blockage of some sinks connected to them. If there is an in-building blockage of sinks, then the problem may arise from a partial blockage of the DWV piping structure in your home. To save yourself the time and energy of performing these checks, you should consider hiring a competent Blocked sink Beckenham service provider.

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