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August 18, 2014
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November 19, 2014
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Most people have no idea what to do in a situation when plumbing emergency arises. Though it this can get really scary but you would never want to damage your home because of the emergency issue right? Sometimes self-repairs can turn out to be more expensive but we are talking about taking control of the issue right away when you have no other option. Here are ways you can take control of the common plumbing problems till the Plumbers Beckenham arrive at the place:
Shutting off the water all
Leakages or water flows can damage the property, waste lots of water and of course increase water bills. So you must know where the main water valve is. This will let you take control of the water overflow before it gets too late. Shutting off the main valve can be really helpful in time of emergency,
Turning off the water heater
If your water heater works on gas, you must know how to turn it off. If you do not turn off the main valve, this can make the water heater burst and you may have to encounter other problems too. The water might also overheat and if someone hot water that is too hot, then he or she can get burnt.
Opening the spigots
When weather changes, you have to change the way you check the plumbing issues in the house. Like before winters arrive, you must drain the pipes to get rid of all the excess water. You also should turn on the outside spigots so that all the pipes outside grain. This will save you from lots of troubles that you might come across in future.
Although you can always call a Plumber Beckenham, but it will be in your best interest if you know these tips. You might never know when they prove useful.

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