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March 15, 2016
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April 26, 2016

Central heating pumps:
These are the water pumps that are used to pump water round the central heating system. Central heating pumps pump the hot water from a boiler, round the radiator then back to boiler. They are usually about 15cm or 6 inches in size.

Pump failure:
Central heating pumps are also known as circulating pumps. It is a relatively easy job to replace it, but if it is a critical situation you may need emergency plumbing Beckenham. It is common that heating pumps can go out of order and there may be a number of reasons for it like if the pump is allowed to run dry for a longer time. Similarly if the sludge builds up in the system, the debris can cause system failure.

Electrical faults of electrical pumps:
There may be other faults in the heating pump that can cause problems requiring emergency plumbing Beckenham, so it is necessary to check the electrical faults too before you plan to replace it. First of all let the pump cool if it is hot before you touch it. Turn off the electricity supply before you plan to remove the covers in order to inspect the wiring. Check the fuses that are attached to the circuit, replace them if they are found blown. Also check the loose connections where wires are connected to the terminals of the pump. The whole network of wires should have a good contact and must be secured properly. If you feel it’s necessary, remove the wires.

Some common problems with central heating pumps:
Pump housing hot; it is a good sign the pump needs replaced
A hammering sign produced by the pump; in this case you need to check the pump. It might be loose.
Pump heating only some of the radiators: like upstairs only; the pump is on the way out!

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