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April 18, 2014
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Most areas of the UK have what’s referred to as ‘Hard Water’ This means that the water contains minerals that sediment out when the water is heated, which coats the inside of the pipework damage things like showers and combi boilers etc. This water is actually good for you as these minerals are contained in bottled water. Beckenham Plumbers can carry out this type of installation.


A place in the house that can comfortably allow the fitting of the unit.
A purpose fitted electrical supply to feed the softener.
The required drainage for the water softener.
Cold water feed (as close as possible to the unit).

If you do not feel confident about any plumbing work around your home always call in a professional tradesman like a Beckenham Plumber this will ensure that the job will conform to the current Plumbing Regulations and requirements and should carry a guarantee.

The first thing to fit when installing a softener is a waste pipe. This can be done in exactly the same way that it would for a washing machine. Connections for the cold water come from the mains water supply for the house, this includes a pipe run for a drinking supply fitted at the sink in the kitchen. The water from softener water is perfectly safe to drink but it is not advised that ladies who are pregnant or very young children use it.

Installation instructions come with the unit, and are quite straightforward.

Cutting into the existing pipe carrying the cold water mains supply can be done once you have isolated the supply and any water still in the system has been drained off through normal drain valves. You can open the float operated valve in the storage or toilet system to aid the draining process, as it allows air to purge the last of the water from the system. Connecting the pipework can be done by soldering, compression, or push fit joints. The best way of joining the pipework will vary so follow the manufacturers recommendations.

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