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November 19, 2014
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Usually, piping on the house side on the supply side belongs to the homeowner, while on the street side all belong to the water district. The meter is designed to show the dial to detect the water flow, so, the dial of the meter moves only when the water enters into your house. Again dialling stops when water stops moving. However, if you see the dial moving when the flow of water becomes nil, you may get that there is a leak in the waterline. If you are on a sewer line which means that you own the line form the street to the house being worrisome in your old house, there also is some leakage or eradication in the piping. As soon as you find such problems do not wait to call us. Plumbers Beckenham is quick and efficient in detecting the flaw with the system and manages it satisfactorily on an urgent basis.
Sewer lines may be made of cast iron, plastic, or clay and old cast-iron usually corrode, and clay is distinctly susceptible to intrusion. Plastic pipes are durable, however, can be crushed at any time. Obviously, all kinds of pipe materials are tending to succumb to a plug from grease, diapers, or tennis balls that are impenetrable. When it comes to troubles with plumbing, galvanized pipes and worse sewer lines can be suspected for this. At this time no delayed should be made to call a professional and highly skilful plumber. We can rebuild or fix your waterline of your old house. You may not consider changing your living place, but, it is very much easy to change the existing water system of your house.
For your best result consider using copper piping instead of old galvanizing technology over other metals. Plumber Beckenham uses dielectric couplings in order to stop the corrosion resulted by dissimilar touching of metals.

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