How to unblock a manhole

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June 5, 2016
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July 2, 2016
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People are always skeptical about the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals for fixing a blocked manhole Beckenham and the integrity of the companies which use them in the drain clearing. This is because many people may choose to plunge the manhole or to dismantle it. When the blockage is found over the trap, you may not know how far it has reached and at which volume of water the blockage is found. When there is more water in the system, it gets diluted and the chemical cleaner will become even less effective. Some companies may turn up at the site and they will pour the chemical into the blocked manhole before going for some hours. This is mostly a trick to waste time and keep the homeowner at the side while they go out and attend to another customer. They will then try to return to the site and start the rodding or the jetting so that they may clear the blockage. When the blocked manhole has over 150mm outlet or the blockage is 30mtrs away within the earth and when the chemical is used in the right measured dosage, it will not find where the blockage is. High pressure water jetting may be more effective in clearing the blocked manhole Beckenham, or the user may be looking to remove the fat or the grease or he can descale or remove the silt away with the high pressure water jetter. There are different types of jetting units and other many ways of using the system in an effective way so the drain rods or the mechanical roding may reach or clear the blockage in the right time with the high pressure water jetting unit with the right set up. If there is limited access in the system or in the multiple bends, people can adjust the tool, but the drain jetting is an answer. “

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