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April 19, 2014
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Pipes frozen?

During the winter months when it gets particularly cold, we sometimes forget that our homes become vulnerable just as we do. In particular, the plumbing is a prime target for freezing if pipework is not looked after and protected. The notes below may help you find the problem with your pipework such as a frozen blockage. Beckenham Plumbers have the skills to find and fix plumbing problems.


If you discover that your water supply has stopped running it is a good initial idea to make sure you are alone, so check with the local neighbours. This will let you know if the water board need to be informed. If it is just you, then, you may have frozen pipes. Don’t forget you can call a professional like a Beckenham Plumber to sort the problem.

Now, locate the blockage in your pipework so you can fix it.

a). Isolate the main stop tap. This should be under the kitchen sink or where the supply enters your home. Look for evidence of icing on the pipework.

b). You can feel the pipes to give you a clue where the stoppage is. Once you have located the pipe you need to open the cold tap closest to the section of pipe that’s frozen. This will allow the water to flow away when it thaws.

c). Never ever use direct heat like a flame or a heat gun to thaw ice as this could damage your pipes and create a fire danger.

d). When you have thawed your pipes, make sure that you check them for any signs of damage or leaks. If there is damage, you need to call out an emergency plumber to fix the problem.

e). When the ice has melted and the pipework fixed, turn your stop tap and stopcock back on and run water until normal flow is back to normal.

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