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July 7, 2015
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September 15, 2015
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Back pressure is when water in the pipes started flowing in the direction opposite to its usual path. This problem can occur if your heating system has been placing more pressure on the water causing it to flow to a different direction. The other cause is blockage which occurs as the pressure from the water supply becomes a lot lower than its usual speed. Do not count this issue as a minor leakage or a lock in your pipe and certainly do not try to fix this by yourself because if it is not handled with care, you might end up in a house filled with disgusting and smelly water. Plumbers Beckenham can provide with a plumbing team who can inspect the entire issue with the help of latest equipment and fix it without making any damage to your house. At first this method might not show the wanted results so you may want to repeat this method for a couple of times. The problem that you have probably fixed with the help of these tips is called a lock and it can block the water from flowing in the pipes. As you flood the pipes with the pressure of the running water, you will be able to disable that lock. In the systems of plumbing, it is fatally important that you or your plumber prevent the water from getting contaminated and there are some obvious and important reasons behind this. If the water running into your plumbing system is dirty then you should be alarmed because it poses a deadly risk for your health. In case more than just one of your home’s taps has been locked, do not worry and call for help from someone who knows plumbing but if you want this problem to be further inspected than you can call Plumber Beckenham and tell them about the issue you have been facing regarding your plumbing situation.

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