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April 22, 2014
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The domestic water supply that feeds our homes comes to us from a water supplier from your part of the country, who in turn manages it and charges us for the service. This is why it is generally well looked after. The water must be, clean and fresh and it goes through processes to make sure it is fit for drinking. These include filtration, chlorination, and the addition of something called fluoride. Beckenham Plumbers understand the water system. The pipework that carries the water supply is down at sufficient depth to ensure sure that they are not affected by frost or vibration. Many years ago before the latest health and safety regulations were introduced, the pipes were nearly all manufactured from asbestos cement and cast iron. A plastic called PVC is now used and you may see blue pipes made of this where new mains are being laid. Beckenham Plumbers use PVC pipes.

The supply pipe runs underground at a minimum depth of 750mm as protection against freezing, then stops just before the property and is fitted with something called a stop valve. The pipe size is 15mm but is usually 25mm. A Beckenham Plumber knows pipe sizes.Access to this stop valve is by a tube or chamber which is vertically positioned with a removable cover on top and is marked so it is easy to locate. From here, the supply pipework continues on to and inside the property, this is called a service pipe and is maintained by the homeowner. The pipe is made from a material called medium density polyethylene (MDPE) and should be in a sleeve where it runs under the property and insulated for protection from frost damage as it raises up. It connects to a water metering system inside or outside to monitor and record water use for billing.

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