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March 3, 2015
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June 8, 2015
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Everyone loves to take a shower because it helps us relax in our everyday lives, but not until your shower is clogged. We often thought that the shower head could not have clog problems, but we were wrong. Even the shower heads could have clogs from the minerals that came from the shower. These are the crystallized minerals that are filtered in the showers. This can cause the water to have a low pressure and as well as lower amount of water to be out the shower head. Aside from the shower head problems, another problem is the drainage problem. In having our shower, the main clogs are from the falling hair and the soap residues. These should be removed every time you take a shower. You can get all these problems repaired as soon as you call Plumber Beckenham.
Leaks in the shower – there are puddles of water that would start to show in the enclosure of the shower. With this, there is a big chance that you have a much damaged shower part that already needs replacements or repairs.
Fluctuations of the temperature – there water in the house might start to become hot and cold without your own choice. There could be different causes of this like the building up of the sediments in the water heater tank, the broken control of temperature in the water heater, rusty or clogged water pipes.
Clogged showerhead – there would be thin drops of water that would not even make you wet and there would be totally limited flow of water. This could be because of the building up of the mineral deposits.
Basically, those could be the most common plumbing problems that you would surely encounter in your bathroom. But, before you call a plumber, it is very important for you to have a better idea if this could really be the best thing you can do, especially that there are some problems that you can handle alone. However, to avail the best result avoiding risks you should contact Plumbers Beckenham right away.

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