How to unblock a shower in Beckenham

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April 28, 2016
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If you discover that the water in the shower backs up, it means that the drain is blocked somehow. The most common causes of a blocked shower drain are soap and hair. There are some pretty popular commercial products that can be used to deal with a blocked drain. However, the products may have very toxic fumes and ingredients. You should choose a natural method if you want to protect the environment as well as your own family members. A Blocked shower Beckenham should be handled as soon as it is noticed. When a blockage goes unattended, it only gets worse with time and the stench can be really bad. How to go about it There are some items that you will need to unblock your shower drain and they include white vinegar, baking soda, wire, a pot, a screwdriver, a cup or bucket, boiling water and a drain plug. First, you have to take out as much water as you can from the floor or tub. If the water doesn’t go down, you should make use of a cup or bucket so as to scoop it. The catcher that covers the drain should then be removed. A screwdriver can be used. When it’s open, you should remove the visible debris from the drain and then insert the wire into the drain while moving it around to take out the debris and hair within the drain. After this, you should pour the baking soda into the blocked shower Beckenham and then follow it up with the white vinegar. After this, cover the hole and be sure to plug the hole entirely. The mixture should start fizzling and so you need to plug the drain. After the mixture sits for around 30 minutes, it’s time to pour in the boiling water. This should be able to handle the blocked shower problem entirely. “

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