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April 24, 2014
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There are many valves in different systems and a valve called a Zone control valve is one of them, and this is a valve that monitor and provide control for a central heating system. They are marked with flow direction to prevent wrong installation. The direction of flow should always be noted before disconnection and removing of any valve. Two types valves feature in nearly all central heating systems. They are electrically driven. Beckenham Plumbers can supply and fit this type of valve.

The first valve is known as a two port valve which operates by ‘on’ and ‘off’ operation.

The second is called a three-port valve or ‘Diverter Valve’ that diverts the water through the cylinder for the hot water when it is required to do so.

These valves are a reasonably basic component of a system but are very durable, and capable of years of constant daily use by the central heating system. Like lots of hard working things, the valves will eventually begin to fail, with the electrical components usually the first to go, and then the seals start to leak. These components are not very expensive to buy but it is a good idea before purchasing a replacement valve to visually check and you should test the old one first just to confirm that the problem is not in the wiring or control timer. A Beckenham Plumber is an experienced professional. Should there be an emergency, it is sometimes possible to disconnect the wiring for the valve, this removes the control function but will still allow the operation of the system, this cable should be made safe by disconnection at the controller and manually opening the valve with a screwdriver or a small spanner. This procedure will result in there being no zone control.

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